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True Religion has become a synonym for modern and unique

True Religion has become a synonym for modern and unique. Continue to create delicate and unique handmade details and unique process to make it fit the fore. True Religion Outlet from design to manufacturing, beautiful Fashion sense and degree of comfort and durable wear all through rigorous testing and attention. Since True Religion attaches great importance to every aspect from design to customer purchases must do our best to become a successful brand market reformer and leader.On from men and women, children's clothing and casual sportswear and other food items can represent the high taste of life. The top US manufacturer of True Religion Jeans Apparel Friday announced that it has agreed to accept private equity firms.Acquisition TowerBrook Capital Partners LP, the transaction price of about $ 835 million.Under the agreement, TowerBrook will pay $ 32 per share in cash True Religion shares, compared to Thursday's closing stock price of $ 29.44 a premium of about 9 percent over last October 9, the company announced that is considering selling its share price the day before a premium of 52% .The transaction has been unanimously approved by the Board of Directors of True Religion, still needs the approval of the shareholders of the company.
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True Religion Jeans Outlet was founded in December 2002, is headquartered in Los Angeles, which adhere to a hundred percent American-made jeans and hand-made, the price between  150 US dollars, mostly in between 250-300 US dollars.The company has around 900 boutiques and stores, the flagship store is located in Manhattan Beach, California, in 50 countries on six continents, but also its first retail store, opened in late 2005. In addition, the company's products are also sold in major department stores inside.Stars are fans of True Religion products.
Last October, True Religion announced that it is exploring strategic options, including the possibility of selling the company. Senior US denim brand "true faith" jeans (True Religion Jeans) on the evening of 31 August 2012 in Beijing. Hall held a grand retro rock party to celebrate the "true faith" jeans (True Religion Jeans) the same logo brand officially entered China. As a brand held in China.The first large-scale activities, the retro rock party attracted many celebrities attended fashion, rock singer letter also sang on stage to wild and unruly, passionate music to everyone soon declare "true faith" cowboy (True Religion Jeans) rock wave.
In "loyal to self" as the brand essence of faith and the "true faith" jeans (True Religion Outlet) Inspired by the 1970s, it has a classic hippie, bohemian and a variety of fashion styles. Slim design brand through extreme, Adhere to the pure "Made in America", superb quality and Teli fashion a denim fashion brand in the aristocracy.2012 autumn and winter, the "true faith" cowboy (True Religion Jeans) launched three exciting new series. In the party scene, a Rather sexy male and female models in reproducing the image of a large 2012 autumn and winter scene - "Picnic on the Wilderness", "high-speed street car" and "Beach Walk" vividly demonstrated the new season products. In addition, guests leaving the scene very excited that they have the opportunity to enjoy The "true faith" cowboy (True Religion Jeans) founder Jeffrey Lubell personal jeans collection. Each pair of jeans collection are historic, have a period of profound and moving behind the legend. Live sets, the owner There are 3D visual effect wall jeans also contrast the artistic way the atmosphere. Recently, the top US manufacturer of jeans True Religion Apparel the transaction price of about $835 million.Under the agreement, Tower Brook will pay $ 32 per share in cash True Religion Outlet Online. It is reported that this transaction has been unanimously approved by the Board of Directors of True Religion, still needs the approval of the shareholders of the company.Some analysts have pointed out, and many high-end jeans manufacturers, due to the economic recession led consumers to cut spending, True Religion's business in recent years also in trouble. True Religion to the $360 average price of expensive colored jeans known.
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But with a weak economy and consumer demand plunge, True Religion also had to deal with inventory through discounts. The True Religion's performance because the denim jeans especially hurt by the decline in demand, and was forced to cut its full-year in July Year earnings forecast.View more pointed, the company operating 116 stores in the United States due to excessive expansion lost core customers, has been a heyday. Currently, the company has about 900 boutiques and stores in 50 countries on six continents.Last October, True Religion Outlet, says it is possible to sell the company, and pointed out that the acquisition of intent have been received from a number of potential buyers,In the tide network editor opinion, True Religion sale is for cash purposes, "the brand has developed to a certain extent, and then a big development is also very difficult." In his view, the designer of the moment gathered , True Religion attractiveness On is not necessarily comparable with them.Insiders told reporters that the concept of high-end jeans in 2005, launched in 2006, but has recently been instituted are not many. "The market may not be a big phenomenon was, after all, the price is more expensive."  although in some time, high End jeans is fire, but "Tide brand" final demand will tend to stabilize, True Religion prospects difficult period, with a very good price to sell is a good choice.
A source close to True Religion's pointed out that the founder had it with good price brand will work for others after the shot. Reporters learned that, in March of this year,  announced retiring, and was appointed in the name of Yu, chairman and creative consultant. True Religion founded by its non-management directors set up a special committee, hired Guggenheim Securities  as financial advisor and legal counsel handling the sale of True Religion that is not clear. Currently, True Religion has stores in Shanghai and Beijing.